Services for Businesses

Medical Care Direct has provided healthcare services to both individuals and many different types of organisation over a number of years. We pride ourselves on our efficient personal service that benefits both the healthcare funder and the patient. Our philosophy is to ensure that any expenditure achieves maximum value whilst providing quality care, whether we are working for an individual or a company.

Treatment Sourcing Service (TSS)TM

This is a unique specialist service designed to ensure maximum value from any healthcare expenditure. The service is efficient and straight forward with the client specifying what is important i.e. price, location, timescale or a particular specialist or treatment and we identify the options available that most closely match the specific needs. All costs are identified prior to treatment using our previously negotiated rates and agreed in writing with the hospitals and specialists.

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Having received approval to proceed from the client, we arrange any out-patient consultations, diagnostic tests, in-patient hospital admission, right the way through to detailed verification and settlement of the account. The majority of admissions are arranged on a fixed price basis ensuring no unexpected additional costs and because we have agreed everything in writing prior to admission there is no need for the patient to supply paperwork, or pay on admission at the hospital.

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All patients are contacted directly by us and experience has shown that people genuinely value the provision of independent and unbiased support with friendly reassurance and often answering some very basic questions that may have been overlooked due to other concerns.


Our database covers all 450 private hospitals and NHS Private Patient Units within the UK. We place thousands of procedures with hundreds of hospitals each year across a range of specialties and treatments from cataract to heart surgery.

Direct invoice settlement arrangements are in place with all the major hospital groups and independent hospitals. Where a preference to attend a specific hospital has been identified, this will be included in the options provided. We do not work to a restricted network of hospitals or consultants unless instructed by the client.

All the hospitals we deal with are fully accredited and licensed by the appropriate bodies and many have additional quality accreditations.

Consultants and Specialists

If you do not know of a specialist or wish us to find one for you we have access to over 20,000 consultants in all major specialties. All consultants are GMC registered and accredited by the hospital within which they work. We do not recommend specific consultants or forms of treatment but will provide options that can then be considered. Similarly other specialists, e.g. physiotherapists have to be appropriately registered with their professional body prior to us utilizing their services.

Out Patient Treatment

Treatments that can be undertaken on an out-patient basis such as physiotherapy, can also be arranged selecting appropriately qualified and accredited practitioners from our database.

Diagnostic Tests

We have over 400 sites throughout the UK with MRI scanners as well as CT/PET and SPECT scanners with highly competitive rates, quick appointment dates and fast professional reporting. While many of the scanners are based in hospitals some are in local clinics to reduce travel times for added convenience.

Find a Consultant or Second Opinion

We will identify a selection of consultants able to undertake either an initial consultation or second opinion.

Find a Private GP

We have an extensive data base of private GPs willing to see patients on a fee paying basis.

Find a Hospital

We have a database of all private hospitals and NHS private patient units in the UK and many worldwide.

Overseas Treatment Option

The option to have treatment overseas is sometimes considered and we are able to provide alternative quotes in specific locations should this be requested.

Fixed Price Packages

The majority of admissions are elective meaning that the patient or the surgeon selects a future date for admission to suit both parties. Hence we are able to identify with the hospitals what the cost of treatment will be and where possible obtain a fixed price package. This avoids any unexpected costs post discharge and provides peace of mind should anything occur during your admission.

Support All The Way

Experience has shown us that people prefer dealing with people. Hence our telephones are answered personally with no press button options. We aim to remove the anxiety from an already stressful situation and work hard to accommodate treatment needs with as little disruption to daily life as possible.


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