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Third Party Administration (TPA)

We are able to offer full TPA services to manage corporate healthcare funds including healthcare trusts, establishing a new trust or transferring an existing trust. We automatically provide Treatment Sourcing Services (TSS)™ as part of the arrangement and supply management information on a monthly basis.

healthcare trusts

Our TPA services are particularly useful when a company wishes to continue current funding arrangements but wants to control expenditure by ensuring any healthcare expenditure is properly managed. This does not mean a reduction in quality of provision, just smarter purchasing.

TPA services typically cover:

  • Agreeing benefit levels with the client
  • Preparation of employee literature
  • Maintenance of eligible employees database
  • Provision of regular management information
  • Collection of policy excesses-(optional)
  • Authorisation of treatment within agreed benefits scedule
  • Verification and payment of provider invoices