Services for Businesses

Medical Care Direct has provided healthcare services to both individuals and many different types of organisation over a number of years. We pride ourselves on our efficient personal service that benefits both the healthcare funder and the patient. Our philosophy is to ensure that any expenditure achieves maximum value whilst providing quality care, whether we are working for an individual or a company.

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Then following is a brief overview of the services we are able to offer either separately or in combination:

Treatment Sourcing Service (TSS)TM

This is a unique specialist service designed to ensure maximum value from any healthcare expenditure. It is available to both individuals and organisations of all types. The service is efficient and straight forward with the client specifying what is important i.e. price, location, timescale or a particular specialist or treatment and we identify the options available that most closely match the specific needs. All costs are identified prior to treatment using our previously negotiated rates and agreed in writing with the hospitals and specialists. More information.

Healthcare Trusts (HCTs)

Over 1 million people are covered by Healthcare Trusts (HCT). They are a well tried and cost effective alternative to standard corporate private medical insurance (PMI). Cost control is always important but not at the expense of maintaining quality and an HCT is an excellent option that will appeal to any organisation with in excess of 100 employees. More information.

Third Party Administration (TPA)

We are able to offer full TPA services to manage corporate healthcare funds either as a stand alone service or for example using an existing healthcare trust or establishing a new trust. We automatically provide Treatment Sourcing Services (TSS)™ as part of the arrangement and supply management information on a monthly basis to facilitate full financial control.

Our TPA services are particularly useful when a company wishes to continue its current funding arrangements but wants to improve control of expenditure. This does not mean a reduction in quality of provision, just smarter purchasing. More information.

Employee and Occupational Health Screens

We offer standard off site full health screening for both senior staff and employees in most locations throughout the UK as well as on site screening that can be designed to suit specific industry requirements.

Occupational health screens can also be arranged. More information.


Often a concern to companies is how to assist retirees once they no longer have the benefit of company paid healthcare. Our membership scheme can assist in softening the blow of losing cover. More information.

High Excess Policies or Medical Exclusions

Many organisations have looked to control healthcare costs and introduced high excess policies that can significantly save on premiums. We can assist in obtaining cost effective care to fill the 'excess gap'. Similarly we are able to assist where policies have medical exclusions.