Services for Businesses


We are able to assist your clients in a number of areas be they individuals or businesses.

Treatment Sourcing Service (TSS)™

This service is suited to a number of different groups of individuals including:

  • Those with excesses on their PMI policies
  • Company retirees who are unable or unwilling to continue with their employer scheme
  • Those who are unable to obtain a PMI policy due to pre existing conditions
  • High net worth individuals
  • The self employed

More information on Treatment Sourcing Service (TSS)™.

Healthcare Trusts (HCT)

We can assist with every aspect of establishing and operating the HCT, from defining the benefits through to sourcing treatment.

  • Establishing an HCT
  • Third Party Administration
  • Treatment Sourcing Service
  • Stop Loss Insurance

When an employee makes a claim under the defined benefits, the trust fund covers the cost. If few or no claims are made the contributions remain in the trust fund gaining interest and the funds role over to the following year. Hence a low claiming year can result in reduced contributions or provision of additional healthcare benefits for the employees e.g. health screening.

Healthcare trusts do not currently attract Insurance Premium Tax.

We are able to provide all necessary trust documentation, HMRC approval and even the trustees, thus making establishment of a fund or transfer from PMI or another trusts administrator as simple and hassle free as possible.

More information on Healthcare Trusts.

Inclusive Healthcare

A unique product combining three services in one package. It was specifically designed for both organisations and individuals and for an all inclusive monthly fee provides access to:

More information on Inclusive Healthcare.

Individual and Employee Health Screens

We have arrangements with all the major providers of health screening and now have over 300 locations where screens can be undertaken and we are able to offer special rates with either male or female doctors. These can be arranged on an individual or corporate basis.

More information on Health Screens.

Occupational Health

We are able to arrange both on site and off site occupational nurses and doctors to suit the client's requirements. These can be for either individuals, such as pre employment screens or entire work force screens.

With the benefit of an experienced team providing support, guidance and knowledge as well as access to diagnostic and treatment facilities across the UK.

Corporate membership to MCD is available to organisations of any size and can be offered as a staff benefit or as part of a flexible or voluntary benefits package.

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