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Inclusive Healthcare

This product is offered to individuals, affinity schemes and as an employee benefit.

Inclusive Healthcare was specifically designed for people who have ever asked one or all of the following questions:

  • Are you able to speak to a qualified, practicing GP when you need to?
  • Can you get a quick diagnosis or will you have to wait weeks to have tests to identify the problem?
  • When there is a need to speak to someone concerning a serious illness, where can you get help?
Operations I can pay for

Inclusive Healthcare is a unique combination of three services in one package never before offered to individuals. It addresses the above questions by providing support, guidance and reassurance, often at a stressful and difficult time when most people are least able to cope.

What Does Membership Give Me?

An all inclusive monthly fee provides access to:

With the benefit of an experienced team providing support, guidance and knowledge as well as access to diagnostic and treatment facilities across the UK.

Who Should Join?

Inclusive Healthcare membership is available to any individual or household in the UK and is ideally suited to those who feel they may require at some stage:

  • the reassurance of being able to speak to a doctor when they wish
  • an appointment with a consultant
  • private surgical or medical treatment
  • advice and support at a time of serious illness.

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