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Healthlink for Corporate Healthcare Trusts HealthLink - The Modern Approach to Health Scheme Procurement

HealthLink was born out of the simple desire to provide more and cost less than conventional group schemes traditionally available from Private Medical Insurers.

By combining purchasing power with professionalism and personal service, Health Link pro-actively delivers maximum value for your health scheme spend.

Companies with existing private medical insurance typically achieve savings of 15-20% in the 1st year and these are then sustained year on year with lesser subsequent increases than published medical inflation indices.

Clients seeking to establish new schemes can go ahead confident that their costs will not spiral out of control.

Employers and other organisations who want to provide health cover for 100+ members and who care about cost, flexibility and the provision of a more personalised service.

HealthLink enables you to choose:

  • Exactly which benefits you wish to provide and those you don’t.
  • The members you wish to include.
  • The scheme literature which can be entirely personalised to your organisation reflecting your brand and style.
  • The frequency and level of contribution into the scheme.
  • How you want the scheme to run to best integrate with your administration process.
  • The content and timing of management reports.

HealthLink was created to satisfy the needs of clients with unusual risk profiles that made arranging standard private medical insurance difficult and expensive, and those where a feature of the workforce makes compliance with normal Insurers' rules difficult.

Now that Insurers' systems are becoming increasingly mechanised and less flexible, we can offer a real alternative to standard 'off the shelf' products at a significant saving.