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Healthcare Trusts

Over 1 million people are covered by Healthcare Trusts (HCT). They are a well tried and cost effective alternative to standard corporate private medical insurance (PMI). Cost control is always important but not at the expense of maintaining quality and an HCT is an excellent option that will appeal to any organisation with in excess of 100 employees.

HCTs differ from traditional private medical insurance in that an insurance company is not involved in the administration or operation of the scheme. Instead of paying premiums, regular contributions are made into a ring fenced healthcare trust fund which we manage on the company's behalf through appointed trustees. The rules and benefits of the scheme are designed to suit both the company's and employees needs.

In addition to providing management services for existing healthcare trusts, we can also provide a complete healthcare trust package. For more information, see HealthLink - a modern approach to healthcare procurement that can provide companies with savings of between 15-20% compared with traditional insurance.