About Us

Medical Care Direct was born out of the experience of seeing patients who did not have private medical insurance (PMI), trying to access private healthcare without having the knowledge of how to go about it effectively.

When the company was established in 2000, PMI premiums were increasing at double digit rates and restrictions to policies were being introduced that excluded the use of certain hospitals, consultants and treatments. The value and affordability of PMI policies were brought into question against a background of apparently improving NHS provision.

We witnessed increasing demand from patients wanting to place the money they would have spent on a PMI policy into an interest bearing account that would pay for treatment as they required it. This allowed them the flexibility of using the NHS and private healthcare should they wish to facilitate a quicker consultation or scan to establish the cause of the problem. Subsequently an informed choice could be made on a particular treatment path.

The question raised by such people was, 'how do I know that I am getting a good hospital or consultant and that the price I am paying is reasonable?' Hence we commenced offering a personal service to individuals identifying consultants and hospitals throughout the UK.

Our Treatment Sourcing Service (TSS)™ was launched and soon we were assisting both individuals and companies who had set up similar funding provision for their entire workforce.

We have an extensive database of over 20,000 consultants and 450 hospitals with direct invoice settlement agreements with all the major hospital groups. We deal with all appropriately accredited hospitals throughout the UK and Ireland providing services to thousands of people-both individuals and organisations.

Some years ago we also started to source treatments abroad for specific medical conditions.

We pride ourselves on a professional, efficient and personal service focussed on how we can assist you avoid getting swamped in bureaucracy.

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